Drawing inspiration from Ultima Online, the small team at Sandbox interactive continues to impress as Albion Online development moves forward. Now that their month long Closed Alpha testing is complete, the development team has reviewed all feedback and metrics gathered and straightened their focus a bit more with their latest 6 month roadmap.


For those that may be unfamiliar with the title, Albion Online is a single server, cross platform (Mac, Linux, Windows, iOS, and Android) sandbox title that encourages customization through a “no class restriction” character system, fully player driven economy, and open world PvP combat. Since the entire experience takes place on one server, players can jump from device to PC and continue their travels.

Several new features, and improvements on existing features, are part of the latest roadmap. This includes farming. Players can tend their own crops and livestock and use the spoils to gain buffs, required crafting materials, and even raise mounts. PvP seige camps will be replacing neutral castles so that guilds without a castle of their own can move in, take over, and launch their own offensive against neighboring guild castles. Mob difficulty will also be adjusted on the PvE front so that monster strength scales based on the number of players attacking it.

That’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg though as new solo content, a “soft” death for new players, and a new mission system are all on the drawing board. Check out the extensive roadmap and we’ll keep you posted when the next Alpha test has an official date. If you are curious though, the current schedule has the next Winter Alpha scheduled as mid/late January.

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