New Albion Online Trailer Shows Off New Features

With less than a week to go before the official Alpha test starts for Albion Online, the devs have decided to showcase the latest features coming to the game. Albion Online is a free to play cross-platform sandbox MMO made by Sandbox Interactive. Check out the new trailer down here.
Mounts can now be used by players to help them achieve their goals and travel faster in the world of Albion Online. However, each mount has different abilities players can take advantage of. The horse travels faster, while the oxen can facilitate and transport large amount of goods. Fast travel is also available during the Alpha, which will allow players to travel quickly between regions in the world. Players can fast-travel by means of ships that they can find near harbors. Caution is advised though, as when you travel through PvP conflicted areas, your goods you carry with you can be taken away or lost forever. So be cautious!

Guild Alliances will allow players to bring some serious advantages in the dangerous world of Albion Online. When players decide that they want to reach the top with their guild, they can opt in to become an alliance so they can further spread their influences across the world.
Fight for your right to stay in the city!

Player cities are added to the game, bringing a whole new region for players to investigate and build their homes in. At first, the cities will be empty, allowing players to come in and fight other players for their own piece of land in the city so they build a home. That’s right, players can conquer, siege, and govern in these cities, allowing for a whole bunch a freedom. However, players must watch out for other guilds, who will with no doubt have their eyes set on claiming the city for their own. Be ready at all times!

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