Do you need to grab some hide in Albion Online? Then you should probably head out to the steppes, a biome with a new preview on the game’s official site. The steppes are filled with hide-bearing animals, from the few scraps you can pry from the marmots to the resilient hide of a truly ancient mammoth at the highest tiers. And the best part is that the steppes are completely safe! By which we of course mean that there’s danger aplenty as you move from the safest (green) part of the biome into the most dangerous (dead) portion.


Aside from dealing with residents like the snarling cougars and the omnipresent Heretic faction, players will also be dealing with the Morgana faction in the more dangerous regions of the steppes. There’s also some fiber to be found in the area, although ore is in short supply. Check out the full preview if you’re ready to head on over and brave the dangers for a nice bid of hide.

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