Final Fantasy XIV has the current amount and type of classes

So with 4.0 nearing, I wanted to share a bit of speculation on what is to come (in a logical based reasoning)

First and foremost, as of now, Final Fantasy XIV Gil has the current amount and type of classes:
3 VIT classes
3 MND classes
3 DEX classes
2 STR classes
2 INT classes
With this, it’s safe to assuming the next classes will be related to INT and STR.

Now in a previous statement by Yoshi, they would not be releasing all 3 classes during an expansion ever again due to the strain it caused. So It’s safe to assume if they are to implement further classes, they will be partitioned out by patch.
My assumption is this: 3.5 We will either see Red mage or Samurai. 4.0 We will most likely see Dancer as a healer. 4.1 We will most likely see Red mage or Samurai.

Now why didn’t he list a tank class? Well, this is because of the current demand of healer classes still being far less than tanks. Furthermore, the current tank system they have set up with 3 still flows quite effectively, and really doesn’t need another class at the moment to appeal to the tanking community.

Healers on the other hand need a new class to bring a whole new amount of enjoyment to the least played class type in the game. Dancer would do just that.
Samurai and Red Mage are my INT and STR fillers due to the fact in how much they’ve been mentioned constantly over the years in almost every live letter.

Samurai, A fan favorite, would fit the perfect role of the next STR dps class that would balance the amount of STR dps to 3

Red Mage, Another fan favorite, would most likely fit into the very first support type MAGE class in the respective roles. Much like Bard, it would have the ability to support (like refresh and gravity) while still being able to DPS with En-fire En-blizzard exc exc. This would be an incredibly addition to the INT category which would put the total INT classes to 3.

Now if SE does decide to add a Tank, I fear samurai might be the next tank due to the fact samurai through history wore heavy cheap ff14 gil armor. Not only that, but They have an ability called 3rd Eye, which complete negates one physical attack (Previous FF titles)

Anyway, this is my speculation on what is to come, and I have a feeling im going to be pretty damn close to predicting the future of 4.0

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